Shaping the future of mobile isn’t easy. It involves a lot of hard work, dedication and, of course, the right people.

If you want to work in a great place, with dynamic people, and help build a fantastic business that really changes the game for good, then this is the type of opportunity for you.

To apply to work with Virgin Mobile send us an email with your CV. Don't forget to put the role and your name into the subject line (e.g. "Youth Segment & Events Manager - Joe Doe").

Digital Manager - Conversion

Job responsibilities

  • Responsible for developing the landing page and content for website and apps for A/B testing.
  • Working closely with the Product Manager and aligning a roadmap which delivers maximum return on conversion rates.
  • Focused on SEO and best practice to ensure that we achieve high organic search ranking and profiling.
  • Spearheads and iterate an overall optimization program for an entire site funnel.
  • Develops hypotheses for and build, implement and manage an A/B or multivariate test platform.
  • Analyzes and obsess over metrics, such as: conversion rate, user engagement, time-onsite, click through rate, etc.
  • Monitors industry trends and new product offerings to stay up to speed and ahead of the competition.
  • Creates and manages a backlog of AB tests and site/app changes, and prioritise based on impact on KPI’s.
  • Keeps stakeholders updated on performance of our website and app pages and flows. Including the monitoring and performance of new propositions.


  • Website and App Plan – Ensure that the UI and brand overlay / communications objectives are met, working with the Product Manager and UI / UX team to deliver great looking effective digital communications across the digital Performance
  • App and web funnel (Driving CRO) - Developing frame works to move users close to funnel via digital ads and CRM /notifications by working closely with agencies.
  • Communications – working with agency and internal UI team to create compelling but simple and functional design for the site with clear messaging and call to action. Testing multiple routes (A-B Testing) and then following through with desired routes to enhance ROI.
  • Communications – work with agency and Brand & Comms team to ensure our online ads are performing at the required level and we are testing variations for maximum performance.
  • CRM / Notifications – Responsible for the management and operation of the App notification messaging system. Ensuring that brand and customer messages are event triggered based on customer and usage behaviour.
  • Organic growth – Make sure our website and app are SEO / ASO optimized to drive organic traffic by working closely with agency and drive content marketing strategies.
  • Feedback – Regularly feedback on the insights that are gained from Website and App analytics monitoring and develop a framework for communicating these to the marketing and editorial teams.


  • BSc or similar in Marketing Communications, business or similar.

Professional qualification

  • Track record of successful management of social media for an innovative brand.
  • Ability to plan, co-ordinate and prioritize activities.
  • Ability to create content with highly creative skills.

Other skills

  • Possess a strong performance- and results orientation
  • Able to apply high level analytical and creative problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and analysis skills
  • Creative, flexible, resilient and fun to work with
  • Fluent in English and great copywriting ability
  • Able to articulate user stories and project requests using Jira