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Keep it when you switch to Virgin Mobile’s network.

How to keep your number when switching to Virgin Mobile

It’s SIMple. Follow these easy steps below:

Why join Virgin Mobile ?

You get to enjoy these benefits, and more, just for being with us

  • No limits to the Virgin Mobile plan you can choose
  • Your new SIM will be delivered within 60 minutes
  • Virgin Mobile's app will keep you updated on the transfer progress
  • No hidden transfer fees
  • Nationwide coverage
Frequently asked questions

What do I need to transfer my number?​

- Have your original Emirates ID in hand
- Make sure the number you are transferring is in your name, does not belong to a company, and is active
- Ensure all your previous mobile bills are settled
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How long does it take to transfer my number?​

It takes 1 working day to transfer your number. In the interim, we'll give you a temporary number on your new Virgin Mobile activated SIM.
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