Our journey to sustainability

Our journey to sustainability

Together we can change the world. Want to join us?
We've heard the cry: Mother Earth needs our help. Not sure where to start? We've got you covered.
The challenge
Everything we do creates carbon, from the devices we use, the way we travel, the clothes we wear and the food we eat. Excessive carbon emissions prevent the planet from healing itself, which leads to global warming and other side effects we don't want to see.
What we're doing about it
We can solve this problem together. Our pledge is to embed sustainability in the DNA of our products and services to protect the environment. This is our commitment - to build a better tomorrow.
What progress has Virgin Mobile made?
SIM packaging

In early 2022, Virgin Mobile UAE launched a world first biodegradable SIM card.

In addition we have reduced our packaging significantly and also removed all single use plastics.

Carbon Accounting

Virgin Mobile has committed to annually calculating our carbon footprint, across our business directly and indirectly.

Our operational footprint for 2020/2021 was 1,134 tonnes of CO2.

Waste Audit

We conducted and external audit in partnership in 2021 with Farnek LLC to evaluate where we can reduce our waste output and improve recycling.

One action we've taken is the removal of all single use plastics in our office pantry and social areas.

Office recycling

Since our waste audit we have implemented segregated recycling bins throughout our office.

We have also partnered with Shred-it LLC for our long-term paper and e-waste recycling.

More to come!

We take sustainability seriously and we've committed to it long-term.

Follow us to stay up to date with our sustainability journey.

Plans that don’t cost the Earth
Offset the carbon of your plan on our app - we'll match your contribution!

If you contribute, we'll match it!

100% of your donation goes towards sustainability promoting projects.

We'll keep you updated with how things develop via blog articles, updates and posts on social media.

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Keep everyhing under control

Green partnerships

There are many things that can be done to become more sustainable. We are committed to greatly minimise our environmentalimpact by participating in the following initiatives:

Renewable energy

We are committed to offsetting our electricity usage with renewable alternatives, such as solar power.

Tree Planting

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis to produce oxygen.

Trees take in harmful gas and produce cleaner air.

LFG Flaring

A project in waste handling and disposal which aims to reduce the amount of methane emitted by landfills.

Methane is notably more harmful to the environment than carbon.

Want to find out your carbon footprint?

Virgin Mobile have partnered with Pawprint so you can complete a quick questionnaire and learn your carbon footprint.

Discover your carbon footprint, track your progress, set challenges and more - just tap the button below!

Carbon footprint lowering tips
Simple, day to day changes can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.


  • Eat naturally grown foods (heavily fruit/veg based diet)
  • Eat local foods
  • Buy foods in bulk (eg; beans, seeds, nuts etc)
  • Buy non-plastic wrapped foods
  • Reduce food waste (use reusable containers to store food, freeze food for future consumption etc)
  • Compost waste


  • Conduct an energy audit to identify inefficiencies
  • Use LED bulbs
  • Turn off appliances at the plug when not in use
  • Turn the water heater down
  • Choose showers over baths (consider purchasing a ‘power shower’ showerhead)
  • Choose fans over air-conditioning
  • Signup for clean energy through local utility
  • Wash clothes in cold water where possible
  • Recycle/Donate, don’t trash
  • Make your own cleaning and beauty products
  • Reuse glass containers as décor or storage (food jars or candle jars)
  • Use toxin-free products


  • Walk/use electric instead of fuel
  • Use public transport instead of car/taxi
  • Share car trips
  • Avoid unnecessary braking/acceleration when driving
  • Keep your car well serviced


  • Shop at thrift stores / give unwanted clothing to family members and friends
  • Use reusable bags
  • Shop from environmentally conscious brands
  • Purchase products with efficient energy ratings
  • Reduce plastic usage
  • Rent items you’ll need for a short time, don’t buy
  • Avoid purchasing plastic toys for kids (buy toys made from wood or other sustainable materials)
Got questions?

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is the practice of not causing any harm to the environment by making more conscious choices in our daily lives. Our pledge is to embed sustainability in our products and services. One of the actions we are taking is offsetting our carbon emissions. We will be sharing with you what we are doing to lower our carbon footprint, and give you tips on how to reduce your impact on the environment.
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What is Virgin Mobile UAE's Sustainability strategy?

There are many things that can be done to become more sustainable. At Virgin Mobile, we focus on implementing organisational processes to directly reduce our carbon footprint. Any remaining footprint that cannot be directly reduced will be offset through green partnerships locally and internationally.

Virgin Mobile is committed to greatly minimise its environmental impact by participating in two initiatives:

  1. LFG flaring project in Dubai: a project in waste handling and disposal, in which the aim is to reduce the amount of Methane emitted by landfills. Click for more information

  2. UK Tree planting project: a great way to offset carbon emissions is by planting trees, as trees absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis to produce oxygen and wood. Virgin Mobile will be participating in this initiative, and you can also contribute! Click for more information

By sponsoring activities that reduce carbon, we can reverse the impact of excessive carbon created in our daily lives.

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How long is Virgin Mobile's Sustainability initiative going to last?

Virgin Mobile pledges to go carbon-neutral across our operations through various initiatives designed to eliminate carbon emissions, and we are committed to this forever. We will always strive to reduce our carbon footprint and participate in green projects that aim to offset CO2 emissions. We invite you to do so, too!
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Is there a maximum limit when it comes to matching user donations?

Yes, there is a maximum limit. Virgin Mobile will match user donations to a maximum of AED 200,000.
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