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Manage Multiple SIMs with One App

See real-time usage of your family’s mobile plans & manage the accounts of overseas visitors from your Virgin Mobile App.

Sign up, and we’ll deliver your SIMs, free of charge, within 60 mins and activate you on the spot.


We do things differently.

Doing things differently is the Virgin way of doing things, and has been since 1970.

Now, we’re doing it again in the United Arab Emirates as the preferred mobile service provider for people looking for a smarter way of doing things.

We started by being the first in the region to offer deals without yearly contracts, but that was just the beginning. We’ve thrown out everything frustrating about the mobile experience, like long and complicated contracts, having to visit the store and wait in lengthy queues, and the constant hidden charges. 

Instead, we give you access to everything you need to be a Virgin Mobile customer from one award-winning app. You’ll never be put on hold by a call centre again.

We’re rethinking mobile. We’re Virgin Mobile.

Can I sign up to a 6 or 12-month plan on my additional SIM?

Of course. Choose a plan you like on your additional SIM and pay upfront to save 30% off the total price with a 6-months plan, or save 50% with a yearly plan.

Our Add SIM feature gives you the ability to manage additional SIMs directly from your Virgin Mobile account, for added convenience and safety, but that’s not all.
Once you add a second SIM to your account, both your primary account as well as each additional SIM will receive 500 free local minutes per month (Ts&Cs apply).

1. Open your Virgin Mobile App
2. Tap your number at the top of your homepage; select +ADD NEW SIM
3. Choose a number and customise your new plan

The best feature of add SIM is that it allows you to manage up to 4 additional mobile plans under one account, a useful feature for any family. 

Whether you use it to manage the mobile plans of your children, overseas visitors, employees or friends is up to you. And all of you will get 500 free local minutes per month!

Each additional SIM can be organized by name and comes with its own:
• Number
• Mobile plan
• Wallet
• Spend limit 

Let us know when your contract is due for renewal. We’ll be in touch closer to the time.

No marketing spam - just a useful reminder when you're ready that you can join Virgin Mobile and get one of our great deals.


Best App 2019

Gulf Customer Experience Awards

Just got a line for my son and I’m so in love with the quality, rates compared to others - the app is wow, no other operator has something like it; you manage everything from your place; paying, managing your plan... lots of things. well done, I'm addicted to Virgin Mobile!

Why I chose Virgin? Cos you don’t need to sign any contracts to get a plan you want at reasonable price (cheaper than others). The app itself is super convenient. 


Get your family to join Virgin Mobile and you all get 500 extra minutes / texts, completely free, every month

500 Free minutes for your Family

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Free SIM delivery
Choose or bring your

Keep your existing number or choose a cool new one. Either way, you’re in control.

The choice is yours
Choose or bring your number
Free SIM delivery
Virgin Mobile's Add SIM for family plan - One App



Why choose Virgin Mobile?

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Gulf Customer Experience Awards 2019 Best App 2019
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When do I get my free 500 minutes?

You’ll receive your 500 free minutes the moment an additional SIM is successfully activated. Thereafter, all SIMs under your account will receive their 500 minutes every monthly renewal.

Can I merge multiple accounts into one and still get the free minutes?

Yes! You can merge accounts registered under the same EID. Doing so qualifies all merged accounts for their free 500 minutes. Unfortunately, you can’t merge accounts from different EIDs.

 Visit our FAQs page and chat with us

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The Choice Is Yours

Customise your plan month-to-month to suit you and your family’s needs, or save big with a yearly plan.

Manage multiple SIMs with One App
Open your Virgin Mobile App
Tap your number at the top of your homepage; select +ADD NEW SIM
Choose a number and customise your new plan

One App For Your Whole Family

Get 500 FREE Local Minutes EVERY Month

Family Plan by Virgin Mobile UAE

+500 Mins

+500 Mins

+500 Mins

+500 Mins


Signing up to Virgin Mobile is easy. We’ll even deliver and activate your SIM at your home or work.

Just be sure to ask the driver to wait as you’ll need them to activate your extra SIMs. Remember, all plans must be over the value of AED 79 to qualify for your 500 FREE minutes/SMS.

Once signed up, you simply need to add another SIM to your account using the app to get your free minutes.

Your driver can assist you with the activation of your added SIMs.

The moment a second SIM is activated, all additional SIMs will receive their 500 minutes immediately. As the primary account holder, you will receive your free minutes after your first monthly plan renewal.

Here are the important details:

- Your addition SIMs must be added under one Emirates ID (the 'parent' account).
- This parent account can track the usage and set a spending limit for each SIM.
- The additional SIMs can still use the Virgin Mobile app, have their own number & unique plan. 

All prices exclude 5% VAT. T&Cs apply.