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We use UAE PASS to activate your eSIM online instantly. If you don't have an account with UAE PASS, we'll help you.
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What is an eSIM?

An eSIM, or embedded SIM, replaces physical SIM cards, offering freedom and convenience in connecting to mobile networks. No more swapping or losing SIM cards; eSIMs streamline device upgrades without the hassle of physical swaps or store visits.

Fast, seamless digital activation

We've made onboarding fully digital! Now you can activate your eSIM with UAE PASS for hassle-free registration. Sign up for an eSIM effortlessly through UAE PASS in Virgin Mobile app bypassing store visits and physical ID verification. Embracing a fully digital approach, we have prioritised speed, convenience, and sustainability, making registration a breeze for you.

No more plastic, no delivery needed. eSIMS are 100% digital for a cleaner environment.
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Switching to an eSIM

Switching to a Virgin Mobile eSIM is really easy! If you have UAE PASS, you can do it instantly through the Virgin Mobile app. No waiting, just a few clicks and you're connected!

Don't have UAE Pass or prefer some help? No worries! Virgin Mobile can send an activation specialist to your door. They'll scan your Emirates ID and activate your eSIM for you, making the whole process super convenient.

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What is eSIM?

An eSIM is an electronic SIM card, or better described as an “embedded SIM”. It can contain up to 10 different profiles. eSIMs will replace the physical plastic SIM that all current smartphones use with a virtual embedded equivalent that has been pre-built in some compatible devices. Tap here to find out how you can change from physical to eSIM
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Can I change from physical SIM to eSIM?

You can change from a physical SIM to an eSIM and there are no extra charges to activate the eSIM. If you are an iOS user please click here or you can follow the below steps on the app.
  1. Connect to the internet on the device that supports the eSIM “preferably wifi”.
  2. Go to "My Account", click on “My Number”, then select “Move to eSIM”.
  3. Tick all the instruction boxes and click on “Get started”.
  4. Enter your password to verify your identity.
  5. You will receive an SMS to your Virgin mobile number with an OTP code. Enter the code and confirm that you want to swap from physical SIM to eSIM. Once you confirm the physical SIM will be deactivated.
  6. Tap on "Install eSIM" and you'll be taken to phone settings. Select "Add Cellular Plan" and continue. The eSIM will be automatically added to your phone.
  7. You can choose to install eSIM later and we will send you an email with a QR code to scan it and activate the eSIM on your device. To scan the QR code go to Settings >Cellular> and tap Add Cellular Plan on your supported device.
If you are an Android user, please head to the nearest store to move to eSIM. Please note that:
  • You have to physically be in the UAE to be able to change to eSIM.
  • You can activate your SIM as an eSIM also. Just ask our driver or our colleague in the Virgin Megastore and they will assist you.
  • The allowed numbers for the eSIM swap are 5 per year and if you exceed that, there is a fee of AED 10.
  • If you didn't receive the SMS with the OTP, please click on "I didn't receive SMS".
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How many SIMs can I have registered under one account?

You can have 5 SIMs registered under one Emirates ID or 2 SIMs under one passport.

There has been a regulation change in the UAE mandating that residents can only have 5 SIMs with a single network provider. Virgin Mobile and Du are part of the same network, therefore you can only have 5 SIMs registered in total across both providers.

If you have more than 5 registered SIMs to your Emirates ID, please follow one of the following 2 options to ensure you are compliant:

1: Change the SIM ownership to someone else

To ensure you don’t lose any numbers, please transfer the ownership to a friend or family member who has less than 5 SIMs registered on their Emirates ID. You can do this by scheduling an appointment with one of our customer care champions via the in-app chat.

2: Cancel any unused SIMs under your Emirates ID

If you have more than 5 Virgin SIMs or more than 5 SIMs across both Virgin Mobile and Du, please cancel any SIMs that you don't often use to reduce your total to 5 SIMs.

If you choose to cancel any unused SIMs, here’s what you’ll need to do:
  • 12-month & 6-month plans: Please contact the care team through the in-app chat, who will be able to cancel your plan for you
  • Monthly plans: Please go into the app and terminate the desired number(s). You can also read more about SIM termination
  • Du numbers: Please reach out to Du if you wish to cancel Du numbers or change ownership
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eSIM compatibility

You can get an eSIM for your phone if your phone is eligible. Below are the devices that support eSIM :


  • An iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, or later.
  • eSIM on iPhone is not offered in China mainland. In Hong Kong and Macao, some iPhone models feature eSIM.


Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S22 5G, Galaxy S22+ 5G, Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S21 5G, Galaxy S21+ 5G, Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, Galaxy Z Flip4, Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Z Fold2, Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Fold4, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20+, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Please note: The following Samsung Galaxy devices DO NOT have eSIM capability:
  • All Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy S21 FE models.
  • USA models of the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy Z Flip 5G.
  • USA and Hong Kong models of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2.
  • Most Samsung devices purchased in South Korea do not support eSIMs.


Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 6, Pixel 6a, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 5, Pixel 4, 4a & 4 XL, Pixel 3 & 3 XL, Pixel 3a & 3a XL

Please note: The following Google Pixel devices DO NOT have eSIM capability:
  • Pixel 3 models originating from Australia, Taiwan, and Japan, and those bought with service from US or Canadian carriers other than Sprint and Google Fi.
  • Pixel 3a bought in South East Asia and with Verizon service.


Motorola Razr 2019, Motorola Razr 5G


P40, P40 Pro, Mate 40 Pro

Please note: The following HUAWEI devices DO NOT have eSIM capability:
  • Huawei P40 Pro+
  • All Huawei devices purchased in China are not eSIM capable.


Xperia 10 III Lite, Xperia 10 IV, Xperia 1 IV