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If you are travelling for the weekend, go for one of our daily roaming bundles. Daily roaming is valid for 24 hours once you start using it.

If you are travelling for longer, choose from one of our weekly or monthly offers. Our weekly offer is valid for 7 days once you start using it, and the monthly offer is valid for 30 days.

Minutes can be used both for incoming and outgoing calls.

How to get Roaming offers

Follow these steps:

  • On your Virgin Mobile app, look for the roaming section on the home screen
  • Choose if you want calls or data first and tap ‘GET’
  • Select the destination you are travelling to
  • Choose the bundle of minutes or data that works best for you



Things you should know

  • The bundles will be offered on a permanent basis.
  • Customers may buy any of the bundles whilst in the UAE (in advance of travel) or whilst in the roaming destination. The validity will begin once the first call is received or made.
  • Consumption of the bundle will begin once the first call is received or made by the customer whilst within an eligible roaming destination.
  • The bundle will need to be activated by the customer within one year from purchase.
  • Customers will have to buy the relevant pack based on the country that he or she is travelling to.
  • Once the validity of the bundle expires (after 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days), the benefit will lapse, and customers will be charged at standard rates.
  • Customers will be charged at standard roaming rates after they consume their benefits.
  • Customers have the option to make the daily bundles as recurring and the feature will be available with the customer to select from.
  • VAT is not applicable to the roaming packs.
Frequently asked questions

Can I travel abroad with Virgin Mobile using roaming?

Yes, you absolutely can roam hassle free with our roaming offers! We are doing our best to partner with your preferred networks and offer you competitive prices across the globe. So far, you can easily roam across the GCC and over 89 countries with our 600+ partners. Follow these SIMple steps to get roaming:​

​ - Go to your Virgin Mobile app and scroll to the 'ROAMING’ section​
- Choose if you want calls or data first and tap ‘GET’​
- Enter your destination, choose between daily or weekly, then select your preferred plan to complete your purchase.

Travel Tip: Purchase your roaming bundle before you travel to get connected as soon as you land. Otherwise, you will need a WIFI connection to complete your in-app purchase.​ ​

Alternatively, dial *148# and follow the instructions.​
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I’ve used up all my roaming calls/data. Can I get more?​

If you run out of roaming calls or data, you can purchase a new plan at any time for the same or different region. Your new roaming plan will automatically start once your current plan expires or once you use up your minutes/data, whichever comes first.​
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Why is my destination not on the roaming list?

With our 600+ partners, you can roam hassle free across the GCC and over 89 countries. You may be looking for a destination we haven’t yet partnered with. We will be adding more countries soon so keep checking back.
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