Legal Stuff




  • We’ll use Your personal information only for the following purposes:
    • processing Your orders;
    • carrying out credit assessments;
    • providing You with the services You have requested;
    • providing You with information about Our products, special offers or promotions and other related information;
    • billing You or administering Your account;
    • dealing with customer related enquiries;
    • carrying out any activity in connection with a legal, governmental or regulatory requirement on Us in accordance with UAE Federal Laws;
    • gathering statistical information and market and product analysis to improve services.
  • We won’t use Your information for purposes other than those described above, unless We’ve obtained Your written consent, or to comply with the orders of UAE Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Unless We’ve obtained Your written consent, We won’t provide Your personal information to third parties for any marketing purposes.
  • We’ll obtain Your consent before sharing Your personal information with our affiliates or third parties that are not directly connected with providing services to You, unless We’ve contracted with them to keep the information confidential, or they’re subject to obligations to protect Your personal information.
  • We’ll not publish Your personal information on any public telecommunications directories and databases without Your prior consent. You can contact Customer Care to change or remove Your personal information from any such database if You wish.

We’re required to comply with the TRA Privacy of Consumer Information policy, which can be found at

5. Billing method

By signing up to the Services, You agree that We can charge Your registered credit and debit card, or as otherwise agreed and in line with the terms and conditions as set out in the Website and/or App.

6. Denial of services

  • We’ll carry out maintenance to Our network from time to time to prevent/rectify breakdowns that cause interruptions to the service. We’ll also take reasonable measures to ensure that the disruption to the network is kept at a minimum.
  • Services to access content on the mobile, internet or TV, including broadcast content could be denied for legal or regulatory reasons.
  • We might disconnect the line in case of misuse as defined in offers' Terms and Conditions.

7. Cancellation of services

  • You can cancel Your services by contacting Customer Care in line with Terms. However, all services must be taken for the minimum term specified on the subscription form or as specified in the product specific terms and conditions, which can be found on the Website and/or the App.
  • If You cancel any Services before the end of Your minimum term, You’ll be required to pay for the services until the end of the minimum term. We won’t refund any charges paid in advance for the minimum term.
  • If You cancel all Your services with Us, We’ll close Your account and all outstanding charges payable will be due immediately.
  • After cancelling Your services, it is up to You to cancel any payment arrangements which have been set up with third parties such as Your bank.
  • If You request for a refund of deposit, we’ll refund all money, after deducting any money owed to Us

8. Services

  • By purchasing the Services You make an agreement with Us that these terms and conditions will govern Your relationship with Us. Your agreement with Us consists of the subscription form You sign (whether physically, digitally or other) for any Services and the terms and conditions You accept when You order the services.
  • Specific terms and conditions will apply to the service You have ordered. All specific terms and conditions can be found in the subscription form or in the service brochures. You can also find these at
  • We’ll supply You with the Services You have ordered as shown on Your application form. You can find details of Your services in the service brochures or in the user guide.
  • If You want to add to or cancel one of Your Services, You can contact Us through one of the methods available to You in the user guide.
  • We might increase Your Charges. If We do, We’ll give You at least 28 days’ prior notice. If You don’t accept the new Charges, You can terminate this Agreement and Your Services in accordance with the Terms and without liability provided that You notify Us that You want to terminate the Service within the same 28 day notice period.

9. Handling of complaints

  • You can lodge a complaint by calling Customer Care, or by writing to Customer Care.
  • We’ll acknowledge Your complaint and You’ll be advised within 5 days of a reference number that You can use to identify the progress of Your complaint.
  • We’ll process and conclude Your complaint within 30 business days, but will notify You if processing Your complaint will take longer than that. After that We will write to You to notify You of the outcome of Your complaint and offer You any remedies applicable.
  • We’ll keep a record of Your complaint for a minimum of 3 years after Your complaint has been dealt with.
  • We’ll aim to manage Your expectations reasonably and realistically. This involves the careful examination of each complaint made by You and a resolution that We can offer You on that basis.
  • If You’re not happy with the outcome and resolution offered at the end of handling Your complaint, You can apply to have Your complaint handled by the TRA within 3 months of the last handling date by Us.

We’re required to report to the TRA in line with the TRA Consumer Complaint and Dispute Procedure, which can be found at

10. Options for directory listing information

  • We’ll offer You the option of putting Your numbers into a telephone directory and making it available from our Directory Enquiries Service. We’ll only list Your number with Your consent.
  • For general enquiries regarding Your directory listing or to change or remove Your personal details from Our Directory Enquiries Service, You can contact Customer Care.
  • You can call 199 from Your mobile for any directory enquiries.

11. Refunds and deposits

  • When You order a service, We’ll inform You if You’re required to pay Us a refundable deposit for that service.
  • We’ll only use any deposits held against payment of Your account if You have failed to pay an amount which is due and We have suspended Your account, or if You have failed to return equipment, which We have made available to You in connection with a service, once a service has been cancelled, suspended or disconnected.
  • If You choose to cancel Your services before the expiry of the minimum term of Your subscription, We won’t refund any fees or deposits paid in advance. Any fees not paid up to the end of the minimum term will be charged to Your account.




  • By entering the promo code, You’ll get the value of the promo code discount from Us when You register and purchase a Permanent Offer from the App for the first time only (Promotion).
  • You need to register Your credit card and/or debit card for payments to take advantage of the Promotion.
  • This Promotion is only valid for the promotional period as advertised by Us, after which the standard Permanent Offer and payment terms will apply.
  • After you’ve entered the promo code in the App, the value will be given as a discount on the Permanent Offer You choose to purchase. Pretty cool, huh?
  • If You select a combination of data and minutes that are worth less than the value of the promo code, then You will lose the unused benefit. For example, if the promo code value is AED 79 and You purchase a Permanent Offer (i.e. a plan) worth AED 50, You will get the AED 50 benefit and lose the remaining AED 29.
  • If You select a combination of data and minutes that are worth more than the value of the promo code, then You would need to pay the difference. For example, if the promo code value is AED 79 and You purchase a Permanent Offer (i.e. a plan) worth AED 200, You’ll need to pay the difference of AED 121.
  • You’re allowed to subscribe to additional bundles, upgrades or boosters during the promotional period. Standard Charges will apply though.
  • The Promotion can only be applied once per customer.
  • Unfortunately, the Promotion isn’t transferrable, it can’t be applied for data roaming packs or redeemed for a cash equivalent, nor can it be applied to any other products or services other than those mentioned in these Terms.