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Is this a guarantee of coverage?
This map is a prediction of outdoor coverage. Data reception and speeds may not be as good indoors or in a car. Radio based mobile technologies can also be affected by local factors such as buildings, trees and weather conditions.
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How do I get 5G?
To use 5G, make sure you've got a 5G-ready phone. Then as soon as you're in a 5G covered area, you'll experience the insane speed of 5G. Virgin Mobile UAE offers 5G for free.
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What if I don't get coverage?
If you don't get coverage at home or work, message us within the app within the first 3 days of joining Virgin Mobile and we can cancel and refund your plan.
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Network generations explained
3G Network - Virgin Mobile UAE
Handles internet, calls and text messages in areas without 4G. Internet browsing will be slower than on 4G.
4G Network - Virgin Mobile UAE
4G displays web pages quickly, streams HD video and does everything you need it to, at speed.
5G Network - Virgin Mobile UAE
5G is the latest generation of mobile network technology; more reliable connection, speeds like you have never seen before and an instant connection to the content you love.