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Five up-and-coming artists from the MENA region to listen to in 2023

Virgin Mobile UAE
27th Jan 2023
2 mins 38 secs
We’re expanding your taste in music this year by introducing five amazing artists you can listen to with Virgin Mobile’s free Anghami Plus subscription

New Year, new you huh? We’re curious. What’s your New Year resolution? Ours is to listen to more cool artists from MENA and discover amazing new music in 2023 – so we can stay cool and connected. 😏

In fact, we have already started our hunt and discovered five awesome artists from Lebanon, Syria, and the UAE who melted our ears with their melodic music. Their tunes and singing cover various musical styles from Arabian Pop, Mashups, Pop, and Soul.

Thanks to the Anghami Plus subscription that comes at no cost with our annual plans, you can listen to them with just a swipe of a finger.

Check them out below:

Yara Korkomaz

Genre: Pop, Arabic Covers, Mashups

Yara Korkomaz is a young singer from Lebanon. She is famous in the region for her mashups and cover songs. Yara started singing when she was 15 years old. Her cover of the famous ‘3 Daqat’ and ‘Shu Helo’ is particularly popular.

Instagram – 170K Followers

Anghami – 8.1M Streams

Maribel Maalouf

Genre: Pop, Arabic Covers

Maribel is a talented singer from Lebanon. She’s well known for her live performances and covers. Her latest original is ‘Aam Hebbak Aktar’. She’s passionate about workouts, fitness, sports nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Instagram – 29.2K Followers

Anghami – 1.2M Streams

Iyad Dayeh

Genre: Arabic Pop

Iyad Dayeh is a Syrian artist based in Dubai with a unique voice. He is very talented and has created a unique style of his own. He is well known for the song ‘Sabahi Enti’.

Instagram – 26.8K Followers

Anghami – 389.7K Streams

Amanda Maalouf

Genre: Pop, English Mashups

Amanda is a Lebanese singer and musician. She started singing when she was nine years old. She now has her own show and she also performs at various special events. She has a varied repertoire with her songs spanning the music of the ’70s to the latest pop hits.

Instagram – 13.3K Followers

Anghami – 23.2K Streams


Genre: Pop, Soul

Arqam is an Emirati soul singer. His music stands as a true testament to the essence of the UAE – where tradition meets modernity. Arqam’s music is a mix of old-school soul with neo-soul beats, with lyrics rooted in positivity, introspection, love, and the search for purpose.

Instagram – 170K Followers

Anghami – 8.1M Streams

Get in tune this new year

When you buy either a Monthly, 6-month or Annual Plan with us, you get access to an Anghami Plus subscription at no cost. You can use Anghami to listen to all the Arabic and International music you love in one place.

Find out more about our Annual Plans, and Anghami.

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