You can have 5 SIMs registered under one Emirates ID or 2 SIMs under one passport.

There has been a regulation change in the UAE mandating that residents can only have 5 SIMs with a single network provider. Virgin Mobile and Du are part of the same network, therefore you can only have 5 SIMs registered in total across both providers.

If you have more than 5 registered SIMs to your Emirates ID, please follow one of the following 2 options to ensure you are compliant:

1: Change the SIM ownership to someone else

To ensure you don’t lose any numbers, please transfer the ownership to a friend or family member who has less than 5 SIMs registered on their Emirates ID. You can do this by scheduling an appointment with one of our customer care champions via the in-app chat.

2: Cancel any unused SIMs under your Emirates ID

If you have more than 5 Virgin SIMs or more than 5 SIMs across both Virgin Mobile and Du, please cancel any SIMs that you don't often use to reduce your total to 5 SIMs.

If you choose to cancel any unused SIMs, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • 12-month & 6-month plans: Please contact the care team through the in-app chat, who will be able to cancel your plan for you
  • Monthly plans: Please go into the app and terminate the desired number(s). You can also read more about SIM termination
  • Du numbers: Please reach out to Du if you wish to cancel Du numbers or change ownership