You can tap here to update your ID.

All Virgin Mobile customers must have a valid ID as per TRA regulations. If you’re a UAE resident or a UAE national, submit your Emirates ID in the app by scanning a photo of the front and back. Just make sure the ID is yours. If your Emirates ID expires, you have 60 days of grace period to update it with your new EID to avoid suspension. The suspension lasts for 90 days, after that, your account will be terminated.

If you’re a visitor, you must submit your passport by uploading a photo of the ID page and your latest entry stamp. Your subscription will be valid for 90 days. (Your line will be suspended on the 91st day.) If you want to renew your subscription, simply upload your passport ID along with your new valid entry stamp.

As per regulatory requirement, we request that you update your ID in the Virgin Mobile App when:
1- Your ID has expired.
2- You've used a passport to sign up 90 days ago. If you are planning to use your passport again for your ID renewal, then please make sure you are physically present in the UAE before initiating the process.
3- The copy of the ID you submitted doesn't meet regulatory quality specifications.

Please note: After you submit your ID through the app it will be reviewed by our team first. We will do our best to review and approve your ID quickly.