It's really simple! We offer internet calling through two apps: BOTIM and C'ME. To be able to use VoIP in the UAE, you need to subscribe to our Internet Calling. Follow the steps below to do this...

  1. Send ICP in an SMS to 1012.
  2. We'll charge your Virgin Mobile payment card AED52.50.
  3. Download either the BOTIM or C'ME app and begin making internet calls.
  4. We'll charge your card every month when the Internet Calling renews.
  5. You can unsubscribe at any time, just send CCP in an SMS to 1012 and your Internet Calling will be unsubscribed immediately and you will lose your remaining balance.
  6. If your payment fails, you pause or terminate your Virgin Mobile plan or you decide to transfer your number to another operator, your Internet Calling will be unsubscribed.
NOTE: If you run out of data you will not be able to use the Internet Calling. If this happens, just buy a data Booster from our app and begin calling again. To find out more about our Internet Calling, click here.  

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