Earn points easily on monthly plans or by spending AED 79 or more on in-app purchases like boosters, roaming, or even on plan renewal. For every AED 1 spent = 1 Point (This excludes VAT charges)To earn your monthly rewards, you’ll need to have a minimum of 79 points and successfully renew your monthly plan. The more points you collect monthly, the higher your cashback will be. If you collect:

* 79 — 150 points =  3% cashback
* 151 — 250 points =  5% cashback
* 251 or more points =  8% cashback

Earn a minimum of 79 points, and you’ll automatically get cash back when your plan renews. It’ll appear in your app wallet. If you’ve renewed your 6 or Yearly Plan, you’ll get your cashback after your first monthly plan renewal.