There are many benefits to our ‘Add SIM’ feature. Once you’ve successfully added a SIM to your primary account, you’ll receive 500 free local minutes. Additionally, all SIMs under your primary account will also receive 500 free local minutes. Just make sure you purchase a plan of AED 79 or more.

You can also manage a number of SIMs under one primary account, which makes it super useful for your family members or even visitors. Each SIM can be organized with a name and comes with its own number, plan, in-app wallet, and spending limit.

  • Once active, you have the flexibility to do the following through your Virgin Mobile app:
  • Update next month’s plan
  • Recharge the SIMs wallets
  • Add boosters or get roaming
  • Terminate the additional SIM
  • Pause the plan on the additional SIM
  • Report to us if you lose your SIM