Yes, we have 2 different roaming experiences you can choose from. Tap here to visit the Roaming section in the app.

Roam Like Home:

Now you can use your Virgin Mobile data and international minutes when you travel abroad. You don't need to buy any additional Roaming Packs; all you need to do is activate a Roaming Pass through our app to start using your local data & international minutes in 145 countries. If you run out of roaming data or minutes, you can boost through our app and stay connected wherever you are.

7 Days30 Days
DataAED 75AED 300
MinutesAED 25AED 50

Roaming packs:
You can buy separate roaming data or minutes through our app starting from AED 20. Roaming Packs are valid for up to 1 year. 
Limited Time Offer
GCC/Easy Roaming2.5GBAED 1207 days
GCC/Easy Roaming4GBAED 2007 days
GCC/Easy Roaming500 minutesAED 1307 days
Rest of the world20MBAED 1207 days
Rest of the world40MBAED 2007 days
*Easy Roaming data and/or minutes can be used in the GCC zone.
GCC30 MinsAED 2024 hours
Easy Roaming30 MinsAED 2024 hours
GCC/Easy Roaming750MBAED 3524 hours
  Please note that unused minutes and data will not be carried forward.