If you lost your SIM card, click here and request a new SIM. Select "I LOST MY SIM" and follow the steps. Your old SIM will be deactivated immediately and we will send you a new SIM for free.

Alternatively, you can pick up your new SIM in any Virgin Megastore. You can also follow below steps to request a new SIM:

  1. Go to more (iOS version) or the sidebar (Android version)
  2. Tap on your profile name and on the next screen select 'MY NUMBER'
  3. Select 'I LOST MY SIM' and enter your password
  4. Select 'DEACTIVATE YOUR SIM' and request delivery or in-store pickup
Please note our verification team will need to review and approve the ID you submit in order to activate your new SIM. This might take a few hours and will do our best to approve it quickly.