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We’ve made a Sustainable Switch: introducing the all-new Virgin Mobile UAE biodegradable SIM cards

Rob Beswick
3rd Feb 2022
1 min read
As we work towards our mission of being carbon negative, Virgin Mobile UAE launched new eco-friendly SIM cards in February this year
As we work towards our mission of being carbon negative, Virgin Mobile UAE launched new eco-friendly SIM cards in February this year, that are fully biodegradable and leave no trace behind. Although our goal is to encourage the switch to eSIMs, which requires no plastic at all, we understand a significant number of devices are yet to support this feature which led us to find an alternative solution that our customers can opt for.
This move positions us as the first mobile operator in the UAE to introduce sustainable SIMs and is a testament to the brand’s forward-thinking approach to building solutions and contributing to the planet in a small yet impactful way.
So, why are sustainable SIMs important? Despite its tiny size, each SIM card needs to be punched out of a credit-card sized plastic sheet, which is then disposed of, contributing to plastic waste in the telecommunications industry. With consumers demand for SIM cards, this waste is increasing.
To address this concern and create a solution that helps in curbing plastic waste until we can all make the switch to eSIMs, we collaborated with Workz to introduce biodegradable SIM cards that are aligned with our goal to phase out single-use plastic.
These SIMs are made from oxo-biodegradable plastic that breaks down into tiny pieces and slowly degrades in the presence of oxygen and UV light. Moreover, when placed in a landfill, the degradation process takes as little as 4-6 months, which in comparison to normal plastic, takes 400+ years.
As brands and individuals, we are all on a journey to navigate more eco-friendly options to reduce our carbon footprint. At Virgin Mobile UAE, we endeavor to make the journey easier for our customers by offering alternative solutions that have a positive impact on the environment without affecting the customers’ day-to-day experience.
New and existing customers can easily opt for eSIMs at the touch of a button through the Virgin Mobile App. To join us on this journey, click ‘My Number’ and select ‘Move to eSIM’ on your mobile App, to go plastic-free!

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