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Meet Ershad: Virgin Mobile UAE’s Business Genius

Virgin Mobile UAE
18th Aug 2023
3 mins read
Learn about how we listen to our customers’ feedback and create value for them.
At Virgin Mobile, we always make sure that our customers are at the centre of the decision-making process. This means that we try hard to understand what our users need from us, and what we can do to bring added value to our customers.   Enter Ershad Pettiwala, our Acting Commercial Director , who leads the commercial team. With his keen knowledge about how markets behave, he knows how to identify our customers’ pain points, and how we can create services that meet their unique needs.

Hi Ershad, tell us more about yourself and what you do at Virgin Mobile?

  Hi there! I like to identify as someone who is a professional multitasker - I can juggle spreadsheets and coffee cups with equal finesse. In the commercial department we have two teams – the Customer Value Management team and the Business Intelligence team. We all work together to create new propositions and manage new partnerships that bring added value to our customers. We do that by listening to customer feedback and making sure it is reviewed, considered, and acted on in a regular and timely fashion.

What role does the commercial team play at Virgin Mobile?

  The commercial team is the custodian of “Making Mobile Simple”. All our decisions are taken to create meaningful propositions and partnerships that our customers will benefit from. These decisions are informed by comprehensive user data that we gather on an ongoing basis. My team and I always make sure that everything we create brings the best value to our customers and fits into their existing lifestyles; which is a great segue to what the Business Intelligence team does.   The Business Intelligence (BI) team uses analytics to produce insights on the needs and expectations of our customers. Customer feedback doesn’t always reveal the actual needs and convenience that a user is looking for. So, our team looks at all the data to find more insights. And then, the Customer Value Management (CVM) team makes sure that our customers know all about it - whether it’s through emails, push notifications, or SMS.

How do customer feedback and insights become propositions? Can you share some examples with us?

  Once we identify customer trends , the commercial team steps in to create propositions. For example, our Annual Roaming Pass was developed when we found that our customers who frequently travelled bought multiple roaming packs throughout the year. After analysing that data, we created our Annual Roaming Pass which; with a single annual activation, allows you to travel hassle free every time. With it, our customers don’t have to continuously think about their roaming plan and, most importantly, it saves money which they can spend on their travels.   Another example is the ability to pause your plan, share your data, and roll over your data. These features; which I know our customers really love and what makes us stand out in the market, are all born out of customer feedback.

And for partnerships, how do you know which partnerships work for customers? How do you decide which partnerships to forge? Can you give us an example?

  We look at customer feedback and decide which partnerships will serve them well and add more value to their life. Once we get the research, our Commercial team ensures that our proposed partnerships are delivered on our promise and enhance the lives of our customers. This is how we decide which partnerships to forge.   An example of this is our partnership with ‘the ENTERTAINER’. We know that our customers are adventurous and are always looking to make the most of their experiences. This collaboration gives our customers an extra guide to finding hidden gems in the UAE which, in turn, makes their experience with us more valuable.

What is something you and your team do that make you stand out in the market?

  I’m really proud of my team. We give our 100% to everything we do. What makes us stand out in the market is our drive to always bring the best propositions to our customers. Whether this is through partnerships, reward programs, experiences, or products, we always try to innovatively listen and respond to our customers’ needs.

Thank you Ershad!

  It was great to learn about how the Commercial team actively listens to customer feedback to provide users products and services that fit their lifestyle.   We’ll be back with more spotlights of our leaders. Don’t be afraid to give us a shout in case you want to know more.

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