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All About Getting a Tourist SIM Card in the UAE

Ershad Pettiwala
6th Oct 2021
2 min read
As long as we all have the freedom to travel, more people will continue to flock to the United Arab Emirates owing to simplified visa requirements

As long as we all have the freedom to travel, more people will continue to flock to the United Arab Emirates owing to simplified visa requirements, as well as their desire to tour the seven Emirates' world-class attractions. And whilst we travel, we will always feel the need to stay connected to our closest family and friends, perhaps more than ever before. That’s why Virgin Mobile offers a Tourist SIM to help you keep in touch.

Tourist SIM card plans for you

Every plan on a Virgin Mobile prepaid SIM card is designed to keep you connected, when you visit the UAE. You can enjoy the Virgin Mobile Tourist SIM card, loaded with local and international minutes as well as all the necessary data to simply ping your friends a message or a holiday snap or two.

Start your trip with picking up a Tourist SIM up as soon as you land from Virgin Mobile kiosks at the airport. If you’re in a hurry when you land, you can also grab a SIM at any Virgin Megastore in the country, when you have more time.

Whether you’re planning to stay 7, 10 or 15 days, Virgin Mobile SIM card plans are specifically designed to cater to your travel needs with ample minutes and data.
Select the SIM card plan that’s right for your stay, packed with perks you’d expect from Virgin.

7-Day Plan

Costing as little as AED 150, this Virgin Mobile SIM plan offers you 21GB of data with 3GB to use a day, as well as 30-minute local calls and 20 minutes of international calls.

10-Day Plan

Staying more than one week in Dubai means you’ll need more from your plan. Pay AED200 for a 10-day plan and get 40GB allowing you to use 4GB per day. The 10-day plan provides you with 30 minutes of local calls and 20 minutes of international calls.

15-Day Plan

If your trip to Dubai spans 2 weeks, purchase a 15-day plan for only AED300 and benefit from 75GB with 5GB to use every day, 30 minutes for local calls and 20 minutes of international calls. With this plan you will have access to free Internet calling!

Boost your data for only AED100 whenever you buy the 10 or 15-day plan and we’ll boost your data to unlimited GBs!

Virgin Mobile SIMs: Convenient and Affordable

Landing a Tourist SIM: You can get your prepaid SIM card at all Virgin Mobile kiosks in the following airports in the UAE: Arrivals at Dubai Airport at T2 & T3, Sharjah Airport and Abu Dhabi Airport. Or you can visit any Virgin Megastore in the UAE to get your prepaid SIM card.

Quick Activation: Let friends and family know you’ve arrived safely and grab the plan of your choice. Your SIM will be activated in a matter of minutes.

Flexible Payment Modes: Choose to pay for your Virgin Mobile Tourist SIM the way you want. Virgin Mobile supports a variety of payment options, including all major credit/debit cards, Apple Pay and cash (AED) at the airport.

International calls: Committed to providing you with the best service during your visit, we’ve partnered with different networks in more than 100 countries around the world to keep you connected with your loved ones and business partners. Browse the list of Virgin Mobile supported countries with international calling benefit.

Easy Check: Download the Virgin Mobile UAE App and track your plan consumption by selecting ‘Usage’ from the navigation menu, at the bottom of your screen.

Unlimited Data Booster: Once you purchase and activate your SIM in the UAE, download Virgin Mobile app to manage your plan by scrolling down to plan builder. Then, click on “Boost” under data, select AED1OO booster et voilà! Your data will be boosted to unlimited GBs. Available only for the AED 200 and AED 300 plans.

Free Internet calls: With AED 300 worth Dubai Tourist SIM card purchased, you will get free BOTIM, allowing you to make calls and video calls and chat with your friends as much as you want.

If you want to know more about this prepaid SIM card offers and the excellent products and rates available to you during your stay in Dubai, check Virgin Mobile Tourist SIM Card offers.

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