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5 Reasons Why You Should Join Virgin Mobile

Raza Anwar
5th Nov 2021
2 min read
Our lives are now more connected than ever, mainly through our smartphones.
Our lives are now more connected than ever, mainly through our smartphones. From a single mobile phone device, we can now browse the web, send emails, book hotels and trips, watch videos seamlessly etc. The presence of mobile data has become an essential part of our daily life.

Since society is being more and more digitised and relies heavily on the use of internet data, choosing the most advantageous mobile network provider is crucial to facilitating our daily tasks. Here are five reasons why you should join Virgin Mobile:

Reason #1: Fast 5G connectivity

Whatever you need your connection for, if its business or leisure, Virgin Mobile 5G connectivity gets speeds of up to 20x faster than 4G. Thanks to this awesome connectivity, Virgin Mobile 5G enables you to connect seamlessly for free on your chosen plan. All you need is a 5G ready smartphone.

Experience 5G speed internet and download a full HD video in seconds, easily watch YouTube and Netflix, or any other platform you wish and use Video Calling apps like BOTIM simultaneously.

Take advantage of this 5G internet experience with an uninterrupted enjoyable connectivity

Reason #2: Expanded 5G network coverage

Experience higher performance and improved efficiency whether you are at the park, in a café, at the beach, in the comfort of your home or at the office. Committed to providing a flawless network connection, the Virgin Mobile Tech Team are working tirelessly to expand 5G coverage throughout the UAE.

Join Virgin Mobile today and be one of the first people to experience rapid connection speeds in various areas across the country. Check out Virgin Mobile’s network coverage in your area.

In the meantime, you’ll still be able to enjoy Virgin Mobile 4G and 3G network coverage as usual in all non-5G-covered area.

Reason #3: Flexible Mobile Plans

Virgin Mobile stands apart from all other mobile carriers thanks to its extra flexible mobile payment options, with no restrictive mobile contracts.

Whatever Virgin Mobile plan you choose, the Family plan, Tourist SIM, Starter or VIP plan, Virgin Mobile enables you to customise yours according to your needs and data consumption. From 2GB to 100GB plans, there are 3 available prepaid options, monthly, 6 months and get 30% off or 12 months upfront and get 50% offon your bill. One of the greatest advantages of choosing Virgin Mobile, is that you have the possibility to upgrade, change or pause your subscription to any selected package, anytime you want without any extra fees through the app.

Reason #4: Virgin Mobile App

Manage your Virgin Mobile plan through just one app, all from the comfort of your living room, office, car, etc. The Virgin Mobile App is an all-around amazing mobile experience and you don’t have to visit any of ours stores and wait in line to get your Virgin SIM, thanks to our under 60 mins home delivery. Once you join, you will be able to build and customize your service, based on your planned usage - data, local and international minutes. You can also manage payments, purchase boosters, track your data and minutes usage in real-time and get in-app support. Join Virgin Mobile and be in total control.

Reason #5: Cashback Rewards

Saving you money is what we do. We work hard behind the scenes to provide you with the best value for money plans. We give back to you so you can get more from your mobile plan through cashback and rewards programs. Earn points either through your monthly plan, by spending as low as AED 79 on in app-purchases (boosters or roaming), or by renewing your plan through the app. Cashback Offers’ value vary depending on your spending and appear within your in-app wallet so you can keep track of your earnings.

Want to earn more points? It’s simple: Upgrade to a 6-month or Yearly plan, get more points and enjoy higher cashback offers.

With Virgin Mobile, you can get benefits and promotions not just once, but throughout the entire year.

What’s stopping you? Join us today!

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