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We do things differently.

Doing things differently is the Virgin way of doing things, and has been since 1970.

Now, we’re doing it again in the United Arab Emirates as the preferred mobile service provider for people looking for a smarter way of doing things.

We started by being the first in the region to offer deals without yearly contracts, but that was just the beginning. We’ve thrown out everything frustrating about the mobile experience, like long and complicated contracts, having to visit the store and wait in lengthy queues, and the constant hidden charges. 

Instead, we give you access to everything you need to be a Virgin Mobile customer from one award-winning app. You’ll never be put on hold by a call centre again.

We’re rethinking mobile. We’re Virgin Mobile.

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Just got a line for my son and I’m so in love with the quality, rates compared to others - the app is wow, no other operator has something like it; you manage everything from your place; paying, managing your plan... lots of things. well done, I'm addicted to Virgin Mobile!

Why I chose Virgin? Cos you don’t need to sign any contracts to get a plan you want at reasonable price (cheaper than others). The app itself is super convenient. 


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Arabian Business Technology Awards

Gulf Customer Experience Awards Best App 2019
CommsMEA Most Innovative Service 2018

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Arabian Business Technology Awards Innovation Award 2019
Arabian Business Technology Awards Customer Happiness 2019

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Weekly roaming:

Need data and voice Roaming?

AED 120

7 Day Validity

GCC and Easy Roaming Zones



7 Day Validity

GCC and Easy Roaming Zones

AED 200

500 mins 

7 Day Validity

GCC and Easy Roaming Zones

AED 130

Daily roaming:

24 Hour Validity

GCC Zones


AED 20

24 Hour Validity

Easy Roaming Zones


AED 20

24 Hour Validity

GCC and Easy Roaming Zones


AED 35

When you visit the Virgin Mobile app, scroll on the home screen to find the roaming card. Toggle between calls and data to select the one you want to get first.  

If you’re travelling for the weekend, get daily roaming, but if you’re travelling for longer, you’ll love our weekly roaming which is on offer. Get better value on call rates when you get a roaming pack.

Minutes can be used both for incoming and outgoing calls. 

Offer valid through promotional period.

Weekly roaming is valid for 7 days once you start using it. Special offer available.

Daily roaming is valid for 1 day once you start using it.

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Can I activate roaming while abroad? 

Absolutely, roaming plans can be purchased on the go. You will, however, need to connect to WiFi to access your app.

What is roaming on a phone? 

Roaming is a wireless communication term typically used with mobile devices (like mobile phones). It refers to the mobile phone being used outside the range of its home network (like when in another country) and connects to another available cell network (source: Wikipedia)

What are roaming charges?

Roaming charges apply when you make or receive voice calls, SMS (text messages), MMS (picture messages) and data that you receive or send when you travel or leave your ‘home’ network.
You can end up using all your roaming data or minutes, simply by leaving your phone turned on while roaming. That's because some enabled apps automatically send and receive notifications, using your data even if it doesn’t look like your phone is doing anything, especially those notifications coming from your social networks. 

Why is my destination not on the roaming list?

You may be looking for a destination we are yet to partner with. We’re adding countries to the roaming list regularly, so check back soon.

I bought roaming, but my trip was cancelled! What now?

Sorry about that, we hope you will take your trip soon. The good news is - your roaming purchase will remain valid for one year, so you can use it when you travel next. 

Can I travel abroad with Virgin Mobile?

Yes, you absolutely can! While roaming rates will apply, we are doing our best to partner with your preferred networks and offer you competitive prices, across the globe. So far, you can easily roam across the GCC and over 89 countries – with our 600+ partners.

Do you have any offers on roaming? 

Yes, we do! Get MORE data and try our all-new voice roaming service. And for a limited time only, enjoy more minutes and data at the same price as before on our weekly roaming.


How does the daily and weekly roaming validity work?

It’s really simple. Your roaming validity starts once you connect to the local network in the country you’ve travelled to – NOT when you make the purchase.

If you’ve bought Daily data or minutes, expect them to run out 24 hours from the time you start using. Careful, you could end up using it all, before the day ends. 

If you’ve bought Weekly data or minutes, you have 7 days from the time you start using or until you’ve consumed it all.

I’ve used up all my travel data or minutes! How do I get more?

New roaming plans can be purchased at any time. Your new roaming will automatically start once your current one has been consumed or has expired, whichever comes first.


What is the difference between international roaming and data roaming?

Mobile data is the data you choose with your Virgin Mobile plan.

Data roaming is when you use your phone in a location not covered by a network, and you receive phone service from a different network provider.

What does the data roaming do? 

Data roaming allows customers to use their phone and plan in an area not covered by their normal carrier (or 'network provider').

Do you get charged for data roaming?

Roaming may cost additional charges. Save money by keeping an eye on your data usage in your phone settings. You can also set a phone warning when you use a specified amount of data. Some applications and websites use more data than others (streaming services such as Botim, YouTube for example).

You can also make use of WiFi, where available, and disable updates.

Lastly, you can save money if you buy a data booster on the Virgin Mobile app.

How much would I pay to make/receive calls or use data abroad?

This depends upon the country you are visiting and how much data you use. The easiest way to find the answer to your specific question is to chat with us.


How do I turn on international roaming? 

Make sure you’ve purchased roaming for data and/or calls from your Virgin Mobile app. It will automatically activate once you land in the country you purchased it for.

What does international roaming mean? 

International roaming means being able to make and receive voice calls, send and receive data, and/or access other mobile services when travelling outside the country your home network (or service provider) operates in. It lets you use the network of service providers in other countries as if they were Virgin Mobile. And you don’t need to change your SIM to do it.

What should I do with my phone when traveling internationally?

Make sure you have enabled data roaming on your phone through (mobile data on iOS or mobile networks on Android) section of the settings.
It's a good idea to buy roaming data and calls before you travel. So you’re connected as soon as you land. It's also a good idea to keep an eye on your data usage by your phone settings, enable WiFi where possible and limit the use of data-heavy applications and websites such as YouTube and BOTIM.

What is difference between mobile data and data roaming? 

Make sure you have international roaming enabled on your phone through your phone settings.

It's a good idea to buy a roaming data booster before you travel, so you can use the internet cheaper than it would cost if you do not buy a booster.

It's a good idea to buy a roaming data booster before you travel, so you can use the internet cheaper than it would cost if you do not buy a booster.