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Easy instalments

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We're working with cashew to bring you unbeatable value and simplicity.

Do you want a SIM for your mobile? Home Internet? No worries, we offer easy instalments options for both. All you need is:

  • Create a plan worth AED 1,000+VAT
  • Make sure your plan is a Yearly Plan
  • Choose instalments at checkout
  • Have your Emirates ID with you for our Activation Specialist

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How does it work?

We keep it simple. This is all you need to do to get instalments:

Things you should know

  • Applicable to 12month plans only (not including VIP plans)
  • Minimum plan amount AED1,000+VAT to be eligible for 6 monthly instalments (maximum plan amount AED15,000)
  • Only new customers with valid EID can pay in instalments
  • The plan can be upgraded at any time and will be charged separately by Virgin Mobile
  • The plan can only be downgraded in the last month of the plan
  • Change of ownership is not allowed during the instalment period. You can log on to your Cashew account and pay off the full outstanding amount at any time and then change ownership with Virgin Mobile
  • If your EID expires during the instalment period then you can update your account with a passport
  • If you fail to pay for your plan, your plan will be suspended
  • A promocode can be used during activation with instalment

Got questions?

Can I upgrade my plan when paying in instalments?

Yes, absolutely! If you pay in instalments with cashew, you can upgrade your plan at any time through your Virgin Mobile app. We will charge you directly for the price difference, and this won't impact your existing instalment payment. For example, if you have purchased a 10GB plan and later decide to upgrade your plan to 15GB, Virgin Mobile will charge you for the additional 5GB.
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Will I be charged any interest for paying in instalments?

The reason we chose cashew is that they don't charge interest or fees when payments are made on time. Virgin Mobile charges a small one-time processing fee of AED 150 at time of payment to offer this service to customers.
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What should I do if my payment for an instalment fails?

You'll need to contact cashew directly
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Can I get a refund on my plan?

Please let us know of any issues within 3 days from the date of your payment. If we are able to provide a refund, the AED 150 instalment fee will not be refunded.
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