What is Spotii?

Spotii is a ‘Buy Now. Pay Later’ installment payment option. With Spotii, you can split the cost of any 12-month plan above AED 1,000 over six installments. Spotii installments are offered at 0% interest.

Can I upgrade my plan when paying in installments?

Yes, absolutely! If you pay in installments with Spotii, you can upgrade your plan at any time through your Virgin Mobile app. We will charge you directly for the price difference, and this won’t impact your existing installment payment. For example, if you have purchased a 10GB plan and later decide to upgrade your plan to 15GB, Virgin Mobile will charge you for the additional 5GB.

Will I be charged any interest for paying in installments?

The reason we chose Spotii is that they don't charge interest or fees when payments are made on time. Virgin Mobile charges a small processing fee of AED 150 to offer this service to customers.

What should I do if my payment for an installment fails?

You'll need to contact Spotii directly https://www.spotii.com/contact