With Data Rollover, you won't lose unused data you've paid for when your monthly allowances refresh. Instead, you'll save this unused data to use in the next month.

Can I roll over data on any plan? 
This feature is available for anyone who has 4GB or more data on their plan. You will only rollover your data from your plan – not any:

  • Promotional data
  • Received data over data sharing
  • Data from boosters
  • Basically, anything that’s not part of your plan 😊
If you are on a Yearly Plan and have secured Double Data before the promotion ended on 29 Feb 2021, Data Rollover will be available once your Double Data benefit ends.

Will my rolled over data accumulate month on month?
No, it won't. Any unused data rolls over only for one month and expires at the end of that month.

When I change to a new plan, will my data rollover?  
Yes, if you are on an eligible plan, your data will rollover. You'll retain any unused data from your previous plan. For example, if you have 1GB remaining and move to a new plan, you'll keep that remaining 1GB and can it on your new plan.

If I upgrade to a 6 month or Yearly plan, will my data still rollover? 
Yes, your data will still roll over.

Will my data be rounded up or down when it rolls over? 
No, it won't be rounded up. The exact data leftover from your data plan will be rolled over to the next month.

How will I know how much data I have rolled over? 
You’ll retain any unused data from your previous plan. So, if you have 1GB remaining in your plan, and you move to a new plan, you keep that remaining 1GB and can use it on your new plan.

If I cancel my 30-day contract, will I still have data on day 31? 
Rollover is only available while there is an active plan. If it is cancelled, your data rollover will be removed too.
The same applies if you pause your plan or if your plan is suspended.