It’s our way of thanking you for being our customer, plus we love nothing more than to help you save even more!

How does it work?

Earn points easily on monthly plans or by spending AED 79 or more on in-app purchases like boosters, roaming, or even on plan renewal.
For every AED 1 spent = 1 Point (This excludes VAT charges)
To earn your monthly rewards, you’ll need to have a minimum of 79 points and successfully renew your monthly plan.
The more points you collect monthly, the higher your cashback will be. If you collect:

  • 79 — 150 points =  3% cashback
  • 151 — 250 points =  5% cashback
  • 251 or more points =  8% cashback
Earn a minimum of 79 points, and you’ll automatically get cash back when your plan renews. It’ll appear in your app wallet.

If you miss your renewal, you’ll still have 10 days to renew so that you don’t lose your cashback.

If you’ve renewed your 6 or Yearly Plan, you’ll get your cashback after your first monthly plan renewal.

If you are on a PAYG or monthly plan, upgrade to a 6 month or Yearly Plan to earn lots of points.

Rewards earned will expire in 6 months from the day we credit them in your in-app wallet. For example: If you’ve earned AED 100 in cashback rewards on 1 Feb 2020, it’ll then expire in 6 months on 1 Aug 2020