What is Unlimited Data Booster?
Unlimited Data Booster is a feature that allows all travelers visiting the UAE to boost data to unlimited GBs for the entire duration of their plan.

Who is Unlimited Data Booster available to?
Unlimited Data Booster is available to passport holders, who purchased AED 200 or AED 300 Tourist plans.

The validity of AED 200 plan is 10 days.
The validity of AED 300 plan is 15 days.

Unlimited Data Booster is not available to those who are on a recurring monthly, 6 months, or 12 months plans.

How can I get Unlimited Data Booster?
To get Unlimited Data Booster, go onto the Virgin Mobile app and click on ‘boost’ under the data selector. Purchase AED 100 data booster, and we will boost your data to unlimited GBs.