Here at Virgin Mobile, we want to make your life easier and put you in full control of your mobile spends. With that in mind, we offer an awesome feature called 'Card Spend Limit'. Recently improved, this feature allows you to select any value over AED 25 and set it as a cap on what you spend additional to your monthly plan.Highlights:-Flexibly to turn your Card Spend Limit "On" or "Off". -Choose to start using "Card Spend Limit" when you're new, this is Off by default. -Get notified when you exceed your spend limit if you purchase a booster, buy a data roaming bundle or top up your wallet. -You can click here to be taken to the right screen or you can follow these steps to set up your Card Spend Limit now: 1) Open your Virgin Mobile APP and get to the homescreen. 2) Select 'Payments' in the menu at the bottom of the screen. 3)Tap on ‘Card Spend Limit’ and choose a pre-selected figure by clicking on + or type in an amount over AED 25, of your choice.