Boosters are awesome. If you're close to running out of data you'll have the option to buy a Booster for the rest of the month. We have a few Data Boosters available for you - See the prices below.

256 MBAED 15 / AED 15.75 (Incl. VAT)
512 MBAED 25 /AED 26.25 (Incl. VAT)
2 GBAED 50 /AED 52.5 (Incl. VAT)
10 GBAED 100 /AED 105 (Incl. VAT)
25 GB AED 150 /AED 157.50 (Incl. VAT)
50 GBAED 200 /AED 210 (Incl. VAT)
To add a Booster, follow these quick steps:
  1. Head to our app
  2. On the home screen, tap on "⚡BOOST" under Data on this month's plan
  3. Choose your minutes and pay the way you want
Your Booster will be instantly activated and we'll even double your data for free. Remember, your boosted data will expire when your plan renews.