If you activate your iMessage inside UAE, we'll deduct one international minute from your international plan. If you don’t have remaining minutes or you haven't got any international minutes in your bundle, we will charge you 0.63 from your wallet including VAT. If you activate your iMessage outside UAE, you will be charged per the normal rates of roaming. Ex: If you are in France, the activation for iMessage will cost you 2 AED. You can always check the SMS roaming rates on the app.

Please Note:

The pop up for activating the iMessage will appear on your device when:
Changing SIM cards on your iPhone.
Turning iMessage on and off.
Moving your SIM card to a new iphone.
The above might trigger the activation to occur again. If you have an issue with wifi, we will charge you for iMessage at the normal rate: 0.36 excluding VAT.