If your payment failed it might be because you don’t have enough balance in your payment card or because your credit or debit card does not allow recurring online payments. So, if your plan has not been activated, you have a number of options:

  1. Log into the app and click on the “Retry” button. If your card allows recurring payments and has sufficient funds, your plan will be automatically activated
  2. If your card does not allow for recurring payments, clicking on the retry button will activate the 3D secure manual payment process. Enter your card details to authorise the payment and activate your plan
  3. If your payment fails, and you fail to complete steps 1 or 2, your plan will not be renewed for the following month. If no payment has been made within 90 days, your account will be frozen. We would hate to prevent you from using your account, so to ensure your service runs smoothly and you’re always connected, please make sure your card details are always up to date in the app.
  4. If for some reason, your plan does not renew, you are still able to utilize your account on a pay as you go basis, using the balance from your wallet. Simply top up your wallet once every 90 days to ensure your account is not frozen.