Your payment might have failed because you don’t have enough balance on your payment card, or because your debit/credit card does not allow for recurring online payments. To fix this, click on ‘Retry’ in your Virgin Mobile app.

  1. If your card allows recurring payments and has sufficient funds, your plan will automatically renew.
  2. If your card does not allow for recurring payments, clicking on ‘Retry’ will activate the 3D secure manual payment process. You’ll need to enter your card details to authorize the payment and your plan will renew.
If your payment fails and the above options do not solve the issue, your plan will not renew the following month. If payment has not been completed within 90 days, your account will be frozen. To stay connected with Virgin Mobile, please make sure your card details are always up to date in your app.

Alternatively, you can purchase a Recharge Voucher from one of our retail partners to top up your Virgin Mobile wallet and use the balance to pay for your plan.