What is Credit Sharing?
Credit Sharing is a cool feature that enables you to send credit from your in-app wallet to another Virgin Mobile customer directly to their in-app wallet.

Who can I share credit with?
You can share credit with anyone in your contact list as long as they have an active Virgin Mobile number.

How can I share credit?
You can share your credit with friends and family members through our awesome app by using your wallet, payment card, or Apple Pay. You can also share credit between your additional SIMs by clicking on the ‘more’ button and select ‘Share with friends’ in the Virgin Mobile app. Then, choose the credit amount you’d like to share and the contact you’d like to send credit to. Please note you can share up to AED 500. Alternatively, you can tap here to share credit. What are the Credit Sharing terms & conditions?

  • There will be no charge for transferring credit from one customer to another.
  • Customers can give credit from their wallet to other active Virgin Mobile UAE users.
  • Customers can transfer up to AED 500 per month/renewal cycle.
  • There is no limit on the maximum number of transactions that a customer can make as long as the total amount transferred does not exceed AED 500 per month/renewal cycle.
  • Customers will be able to transfer credit from their wallet through the following available options: AED 20, AED 50, AED 100, AED 150, AED 200, AED 250, AED 300, AED 350, AED 400, AED 450, AED 500.
  • Inactive customers or customers with paused lines will not be able to share or receive credit.
  • Customers can only share credit from the wallet balance which can be topped up through any of the available modes of recharges.
  • Shared balance gets transferred to the customer’s in-app wallet and can be used for any Virgin Mobile service at any time.
  • Priority of consumption will be “Top up balance” followed by “shared balance”.
  • Shared credit, once received, cannot be redeemed for cash equivalent, or transferred back to the primary sender or to any other recipient.
  • Recipients can receive credit from more than one sender per month.