• Q1: I don't want to use my credit/debit card. How else can I pay? 
Unfortunately, at the moment you will need to register your debit or credit card with us when setting up an account. Of course, your payment details will be safe with us and we will always notify you of any payments that are processed.
  • Q2: Is my payment card secure with Virgin Mobile?
Yes. We take card security very seriously. We use 3D Secure Authentication, which means you will get a one-time code from your bank to ensure complete security. Furthermore, we only allow payments through the app as an extra security measure.
  • Q3: Which payment cards do you accept?
Here at Virgin Mobile, we accept the following payment cards:
  • Visa and Mastercard credit cards only.
  • We accept debit cards. However, some banks might not allow your debit card for recurring payments for your monthly subscription renewal.
  • We don't accept American Express or prepaid credit cards.
  • Q4: How do you take payments?
All payments (e.g. plan renewal, boosters, pay as you go) are taken from the card you register with us. If you wish to change the payment card, you can do this from the app.
  • Q5: I want to change my payment card. Is this possible?
Yes, of course! To make things super easy for you, this can easily be done right here in the app at any time.
  • Q6: How can I stop payments to Virgin Mobile?
You can stop payments anytime you like. You are not tied down to any contracts with us! Simply remove your card and close your account. It really is that simple!
  • Q7: My card won't scan. What should I do?
Oh no, sorry to hear about that. There are a couple of reasons why your card might not scan, normally it’s because the numbers aren’t embossed. Don’t worry though, you can always enter your card details manually.  For security reasons, we never store your payment card details on our systems.
  • Q8. Why do you need my credit card/debit card details?
First of all, you will need to pay for your Virgin Mobile plan. To make your mobile life super simple, we also use the details for plan auto-renewal, parking fees, wallet top-ups and for buying boosters. Of course, we will always notify you before any payments are made.  
  • Q9: How does the actual payment work?
To make sure your card is working, we charge AED1 when you first sign-up with us. All future payments will be automatically taken from this card, and we will send you notifications before any payment is taken.