• Q1.  What’s a ‘Booster’?
‘Boosters’ are really cool! If you are running low or have run out before your plan renewal date you can use a ‘Booster’ to top up your data, local and/or international minutes. Just choose the amount you want to ‘Boost’ and your plan will be ‘Boosted’ immediately. Pretty cool, right?  
  • Q2. How do I pay for my 'Booster'?
When you buy a ‘Booster’ we will charge the payment card on your account. If for any reason we are unable to charge your card, we will deduct the money from your wallet in the app so you can continue to enjoy our services without interruption.  
  • Q3. Do ‘Boosters’ expire?
Yes, they do. There are 2 ways your ‘Booster’ can expire:
  1. If your plan renews.
  2. If you use all your ‘Booster’
  • Q4: I don't want to 'Boost' and my plan is at zero. Can I still use my service?
Yes, you can. If you don’t want to buy a ‘Booster’ and your plan is at zero, you can still use data and minutes. We’ll give you 200MB of data for free at a restricted speed and you can make pay as you go calls.