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Virgin Mobile Buyers Guide: Plans, Perks, and more!

Juraj Cangar
2nd Sep 2021
3 min read
Choosing the right phone carrier isn’t just about the coverage it guarantees, but also about the best mobile plans available.
Choosing the right phone carrier isn’t just about the coverage it guarantees, but also about the best mobile plans available. Virgin Mobile UAE’s prepaid plans come with plenty of perks you don’t want to miss with best in class coverage.
Virgin Mobile Plans

Virgin Mobile offer an array of plans suitable for every budget and every lifestyle.
1. 12-Month VIP plansThis elite prepaid mobile plan is designed to make a lasting impression. Divided into four categories, this exclusive 12-month package lets you choose a fancy number whatever the prepaid plan you select:

  • Red: Your number comes with a pattern (ex: 6789)
  • Bronze: Your number has 3 identical digits
  • Gold: Your number has 4 identical digits
  • Diamond: Your number has 5 identical digits
With every VIP plan you can benefit from attractive extras such as free delivery of your SIM, monthly cashback with Virgin Mobile Rewards, free SIM or eSIM, free data sharing and last but not least, you can enjoy free Anghami Plus!
2. Monthly, 6-Month and 12-Month Plans

Choosing this package means you can build a Virgin Mobile plan to fit your needs, with three available prepaid options: 6 or 12-months upfront, with a monthly payment scheme if you’d like. The Starter Plans are our most flexible plans with the option to upgrade, pause or cancel your subscription to any selected package. But the cherry on the cake is that whatever plan you choose you’re in for a bunch of Red Hot Extras including monthly cashback with Virgin Mobile Rewards, 50% off your yearly plan, free SIM or eSIM with delivery, free data sharing, free data rollover, and free Anghami Plus!
3. Tourist SIM

Planning to visit the UAE? The Tourist SIM is exactly the card you need. Choose a tourist SIM plan according to the length of your stay with three options available: 7, 10 or 15 days, starting with 21 GB up to 75 GB. With each Tourist SIM card you get 30 minutes of international calls so you can dial more than 100 countries.
4. Family Plans

We’re family at Virgin Mobile UAE, and we treat all of our customers as family members too, which is why you get 500 extra minutes / texts, every month completely free when your family joins Virgin Mobile too. Once you sign up to the Virgin Mobile Family Plan, you can easily add another SIM to your account using the app to claim your free minutes. Your driver can assist you with activating your additional SIMs.
5. Pay as You Go

One of the most practical Virgin Mobile plans, since it offers you the option to pay for data or minutes as you spend them by simply recharging your in-app wallet. As with all Virgin Mobile prepaid data plans, the Pay As You Go plan offers attractive rates starting from as little as AED 50. You’ll never run out of minutes thanks to our local minutes boosters.
Exclusive Perks

Discover some of our latest offers and promotions that make your mobile experience even better.
Helpful boosters: Run out of minutes, data or SMS before the renewal date of your plan? Don’t panic! Just buy a one-off booster from the Virgin Mobile app to keep you going. Also, you’ll get 200 MB worth of data for free. To avoid getting caught out in the future, you can also choose to upgrade your plan and benefit more from your plan.
Flexible prepaid plans: Upgrade your plan anytime as many times as you want until your monthly renewal kicks in, even if you’ve paid upfront for 6 or 12months. Your monthly plan can be paused anytime, for as long as you need while your 6 or 12-month plan can be paused in the last month. Plan cancelation is also possible until the last day of the 6-month plan.
Exciting rewards: Our prepaid 6 or 12-month plan offers awesome rewards, such as earning monthly cashback or saving 50% off your plan if purchased online. Other advantages include a free SIM or eSIM with free delivery to your doorstep, as well as free data sharing and rollover, and free Anghami Plus.
Roaming global: Roaming is enabled by default on your Virgin Mobile plan. As for your international calls to countries not supported by Virgin Mobile, you can still place them at affordable prices by using the credit from your in-app wallet.
For more info on how to build your plan online, visit Virgin Mobile UAE official website and get started.

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