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Introducing Virgin Mobile’s Research Lab

Daniel Lee
5th Jan 2022
2 min read
Virgin Mobile's Research Lab will help us create a better app and website experience for our customers.
One of the things that has always set the Virgin brand apart is making business better. We have always put our customers at the heart of our business and go from there.
Getting customer feedback has always been our passion. It makes it much easier to optimise our services if we know precisely what the users of our services want - it's a win/win for our company and customers.
At Virgin Mobile, there are several ways through which our customers reach out to us and leave their thoughts on how we could improve, but we wanted to enhance that and take it a step further. That's where ‘Virgin Mobile Research Lab' comes in.
Now you can join our Research Lab and get involved in the research projects we conduct. You can find Research Lab in the main menu of the Virgin Mobile app; tap the menu option and follow the instructions to join. It doesn't cost anything to join and the feedback you provide is carefully listened to and applied; you're helping turn ideas into reality. Here are answers to a few questions you might have:
What is Research Lab?

It's a way for our customers to be able to tell us what they think. When we work on projects or have an idea, we'll ask you for your opinion on it.
Do I need to be a professional researcher to join?

You don't need to have any experience! We're only looking for people to share what they think and feel about what we're working on.
How does Research Lab work?

Once you are opted-in to Research Lab, we'll let you know when a project is ready.

The format might change; sometimes it'll be a survey, a phone call, or maybe we'll invite you to chat at our head office. Either way, it'll be Virgin Mobile directly asking for your thoughts.
How often are the Research Lab projects?

We don't have a set timeline yet for running Research Lab projects, but we'll try to run as many as we can manage as your feedback means a lot to us.
Do I need to join every Research Lab project?

Nope. We'll let you know what the Research Lab project is, and you can decide if you want to hop in or ignore it (we won't take it personally!). So, if a project grabs your interest, join to get involved.
How easily can I opt-in and opt-out of the Research Lab?

Very easily. Just open the app, navigate to the main menu and tap on 'Research Lab'.

Follow the instructions to join and that's it - you're in! When we have a project, we'll contact you. If you want to opt out, open the Research Lab again from the app menu and follow the on-screen instructions to leave.

We'll always keep it as simple as possible to join and leave, so you can do what suits you!
How is my Research Lab feedback used?

The feedback you provide us won't sit in someone's email inbox and gather dust, that's for sure. We'll read through as many feedback items as humanly possible and see if we can figure out any trends by analysing all the data. When we're confident we know what our customers want, we'll make sure we design our new services or features in a way that reflects the feedback. We really hope Virgin Mobile's Research Lab will be a great way to keep in touch with what's important to you.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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