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Home Internet in the UAE

Virgin Mobile UAE
26th Jan 2023
2 mins 58 secs
Here’s what you should consider before you choose your home internet connection

Whether you’re a long-time UAE resident looking to switch providers or newly arrived, establishing a home Internet connection is usually a huge part of making a house feel like a home. We’re a connected society even when we’re at home alone!

Types of Internet connections

The first thing that you need to consider when choosing your home internet is to understand what type of internet connections are available in the area you live in. You get three types of Internet connections in the UAE – Fibre, 4G, and 5G broadband.

Fibre is a wired connection that uses Fibre optic cables to deliver your Internet. 4G and 5G are wireless technologies that use radio waves to deliver Internet.

A 5G broadband connection is substantially faster than 4G and is much easier to install compared to Fibre. It is more energy efficient. 5G broadband works well for personal use.

Fibre typically offers more speed and less latency. However, it is more complicated to install. Fibre is a great option for commercial use or if you’re a gamer – in which case you’d benefit from less latency.


Latency refers to the amount of time it takes for data to get from one place on a network to another. The lower the latency, the better. Low latency helps if you’re a gamer. Fibre connections typically have the lowest latency. 5G connections have lower latency than 4G connections.


Where you live in the UAE is important when choosing a home broadband connection. Depending on your location, you might have Fibre, 4G, or 5G access – or no connection at all. Remote or scarcely connected areas may have connection issues. It’s better to check with your provider whether they have access to your area.

To check 5G Home Internet coverage for Virgin Mobile, click here.

Download speeds

You need to look at the download speeds depending on what you will be using your home internet connection for - along with the number of people in your household. Download speeds determine how fast you will receive data over the Internet for things such as streaming TV shows, and files, or surfing the web. The higher the download speed, the faster you can get the information or media you need.

In the UAE, a Fibre connection ranges from 500Mbps to 1GBps. Almost all connections in the UAE will deliver speeds enough to cater to a household of 3-4 people easily.

A 5G connection can go up to 2GBps in ideal conditions.


Most home Internet connections in the UAE require you to sign a contract for a period of either 24 months or 12 months. Most of these connections come bundled with TV and/or landline plans as standard. They also will arrange for a designated operator to come to your location and have the Home Internet installed.

Some service providers such as Virgin Mobile, however, offer Home Internet plans that come with no contracts. Our Home Internet connections also get delivered to your doorstep for free within just 60 minutes after ordering. You also get the option to buy our Home Internet plans with or without a router.

Visit our website to learn more!

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