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Activate instantly with eSIM & UAE PASS

Virgin Mobile UAE
3rd Apr 2024
1 min
Ready to skip waiting in line? We've made getting a new mobile plan ridiculously easy with instant eSIM activation with UAE PASS integration on our app.


Tired of the old way of getting connected? You know, the store visits, the paperwork, the waiting for your SIM card... ugh! Well, we've got news that'll make you want to do a happy dance. We're the first in the UAE to offer fully digital eSIM activation with UAE PASS – meaning you can get set up from your couch in minutes.

Here's the lowdown:

  1. Grab our Virgin Mobile app (it's your new best friend).
  2. Pick your perfect plan and a rockin' number.
  3. Use the UAE PASS app for super quick ID verification.
  4. Boom! Your eSIM is activated before you can say "Where's the nearest store?"

Why this is the best thing since sliced bread:

  • It's lightning fast. Like, seriously fast.
  • Zero stores, zero paperwork – just pure digital goodness.
  • Use the UAE PASS app for super quick ID verification.
  • Hey, planet Earth? We're making you a solid with eSIMs (no more plastic!).
  Oh, what’s UAE Pass you ask? It's your secure digital ID that makes updating your Emirates ID in our app a breeze.   So yeah, getting mobile with us just got a whole lot simpler, faster, and a tad bit cooler. Give it a try – we promise you won't regret it!

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