Refer a friend to Virgin Mobile and earn up to AED 150 in cashback. Invite as many friends as you like and get cash back rewards from up to 4 friends within a year. We'll add the earned cashback directly in your app wallet and you can spend it on your next plan, boosters, m-Parking SMS, roaming, and more. Here's how it works:

  • You'll get AED 50 if your friend chooses a monthly plan of AED 79 or above
  • You'll get AED 100 if your friend pays upfront for a 6-month plan
  • You'll get AED 150 if your friend pays upfront for a 12-month plan
But that's not all, we'll give your friends free data too. You'll both get your rewards when your invited friend successfully activates a new Virgin Mobile SIM card. Some rules that'll apply:
  • Your friend must use the entire rewarded GB within the rewarded month. The remaining data will not roll over to the next month.
  • The refer a friend data benefit is for local data only, now don't go try using it outside the UAE. We've got roaming data for travels abroad. ;)
  • If you or your friend has a Family plan or merged account, the primary number should be active to be able to get the cashback offer
  • You'll both need to ensure that your Virgin Mobile plans are active, of value AED 79 or more and not Paused or Terminated throughout the 3 months of the offer. If you or they pause and come back, they would lose their free data.
  • This exciting offer is subject to change and is valid through the promotional period. 
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