Q: How does the actual payment work? A: We will charge you 1AED to verify if your card is working. Once you've signed up we will only charge you for your plans when your SIM card is activated and your account is fully up and running. Q: How much does it cost to transfer my number to Virgin Mobile? A: We have some good news for you... It's FREE! For more information on how to transfer your number, head back to the Help Centre and search for 'How do I transfer my existing UAE number to Virgin Mobile?'. Q: How long does it take to transfer my existing UAE number to Virgin Mobile? A: It can take a maximum of 3 working days to transfer your existing UAE number over to us, but we will do our best to transfer it before then. We know this isn't ideal, which is why we issue with a temporary Virgin Mobile number in the meantime so you can still enjoy our services. Once the transfer is complete we will disconnect your temporary number, permanently change it to your transferred number and notify you of the change. Q: How will I know when my existing number has transferred to Virgin Mobile? A: As soon as your number is transferred and active we will notify you by SMS and email. You can also check in the app yourself by following the steps below: 1. If you're using an iOS device, tap on 'More' in the menu at the bottom of the screen. For Android, open up your side menu. 2. Here you will see your name and email address, tap on this. 3. You have arrived at the 'My Profile' screen. 4. Tap 'MY NUMBER'. Here you will see your current active number. Q: Why was my number transfer request rejected? A: Oh no, sorry to heat about that. There is a few reasons why your number transfer requested could have been rejected. To ensure that your number transfer request goes as smoothly as possible, please make sure you do the following: 1. Use the same ID (EID or Passport) to set up your Virgin Mobile account that you used to set up your Du or Etisalat account. 2. Send us a crisp and clear copy of your ID document. 3. Make sure the number you are transferring is registered under your name. 4. Make sure the number you are transferring is active. 5. Make sure the number you are transferring is not an Enterprise number 'company/employer number'. Q: Can I really change my plan at any time? A: Yes, of course! With Virgin Mobile, you can change your plan anytime directly from our app. No more phone calls or queues in store. Go to the 'HOME' screen in the app, tap 'Update next plan' and choose your next plan. Simple!