1. Why should I join Virgin Mobile? That’s a very good question. Well, with Virgin Mobile you get to build your own plan and change it anytime, choose your own number and have total control and flexibility over your monthly spending. Pretty cool, right? As well as these awesome features, we will also deliver your SIM card and, best of all, there are no contracts - you are free to come and go as you please! 2. How can I build my own plan? It's really simple. Just scroll up and down on the doughnuts to choose your perfect plan. Once chosen, the plan price will appear below. 3. Can I really update my plan at any time? Yes, you can. At any point during the month, you can choose to update your plan. The changes will take place once your plan renews. 4. When does the plan renew? Your plan will renew automatically each month on the same date you joined Virgin Mobile. For example, if you joined us on 2nd May at 4pm, your plan will next renew on 2nd June at 4pm and so on. 5. What if I run out of data or minutes before my plan renews? No need to worry. For calls, you can either pay as you go from the available balance in your 'Wallet' or you can buy a 'Booster'. If you need more data, you can buy a 'Booster'. When you are about to run out we will notify you and the 'Booster' button will be visible on the app 'Home' screen. 6. What's a promo code? When we run promotions, and offers, we will send our customers a code so they can claim the offer or promotion in the app. 7. What is the 'Double Data' offer? It's simple, sign up now and we'll double your data each month for the rest of 2017.