Yes, we do! Add data to your Virgin Mobile plan worth AED 79 or above and as a special treat, we'll double it for free. We're now doubling data on all monthly, 6-month and yearly plans, including our most significant plans of 25GB & 50GB. Don't miss out, add data to your plan now. Before you begin, here are some essential promotional terms to know:

    • You can only take advantage of the Double Data Benefit during the promotional period. This offer can be stopped without notice.
    • If the offer ends, and you have renewed your plan to include data before the offer end date, you can continue to enjoy Double Data for 6 or 12 months, depending on the plan you've purchased during the offer period.
    • For now, we're doubling data purchased for local use only. Data bought for roaming won't be doubled.
    • There’ll be no carry forward of unused data balances. After the expiry of the Double Data Offer or the Booster period, any unused data will lapse at the end of the relevant service period.
  • Continue to double your data for 12 months on monthly plans, as long as you successfully renew your plan to include data each month.