1. Why should I join Virgin Mobile? With Virgin Mobile, you can build your own plan and change it anytime, so you only pay for what you use. You can control what you spend monthly. we will automatically renew your plans so you're always connected and we can deliver your sim card so you don't have to quoe up in a store.2. How do I build a plan? You can build a plan that suits your needs by scrolling up and down in the donoughts. The total rate for the plan you choose will reflect under the donughts. for example: if you select 100 local minutes, 3 GBand zero International minutes then YOUR PLAN will cost AED194. 3.If I change my mind, can I also change my plan? Yes, you can do this at anytime, however the changes will not reflect until your plans renewal date. 4. When does my plan renew? Your plan will renew automatically every month on the same joining date & time. For example, if you joined Virgin Mobile on 2nd May at 4pm, your plan will next renew on 2nd June at 4pm and so on. 5. What if I run out of data or minutes before my plan renewal date? Dont worry, we offer a pay as you go option for calls, or buy a booster. Data can also be boosted. When you're about to run out, we will notify you and give you these options and you will be able to browse our pay as you go rates directly in the app so you can make a sound decision. 6. What's this promocode? when we are running promotions and offers, we will send a code to our customers so they can avail an offer. 7. What's the double data offer? Exciting news! from now until end of 2017, whatever data you choose we will double for free.