Enjoy TWICE the amount of data for FREE when you have a 4GB+ plan.

T&Cs apply

You like data? We got you.

Double data is back! Choose your perfect plan with 4GB of data or more, get a new number (or keep your own) and get your SIM delivered for free in 60 mins.

You'll get double data automatically, no promocode needed!

Plan data + double data
4GB + 4GB
7GB + 7GB
10GB + 10GB
15GB + 15GB
22GB + 22GB
28GB + 28GB
50GB + 50GB
75GB + 75GB
100GB + 100GB

Double data not available on 2GB plans

Are you an existing customer? We love you too

This promotion isn't only for new customers, we want to thank you for being with us too!

We're making it as easy as possible for you to get Double Data. When your plan is due for renewal, you'll automatically get the Double Data promotion applied to your plan for 6 months

All you need to do is make sure you have a plan with 4GB of data or more. Enjoy!

Promotions terms and conditions
  • This promotion is for plans with 4GB of data or more only
  • The double data is promotional data and cannot be shared or rollover to the next month
  • The promotion is valid for 6 months after purchase
  • If you pause your plan, downgrade or fail to renew, you'll lose your double data promotion (in case of failed payment, we'll provide a 7 days grace period)
  • This promotional data cannot be used whilst roaming internationally

Got questions?

What is Double Data?​

It's our awesome data offer that lets you enjoy free Double Data. Sign up to a plan of 4GB or more and get Double Data for 6 months at no cost.​
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How can I get Double Data?​

Want in on this epic offer? Follow these simple steps below:
  • If you are new to Virgin Mobile, purchase any plan of 4GB or more and get free Double Data for 6 months.​
  • If you are an existing customer on a plan below 4GB, upgrade your plan to 4GB or more and get free Double Data for 6 months.​
  • You can also add a SIM to your Virgin Mobile plan and get this offer for family & friends.​
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Who is Double Data available for? 

This offer only applies to customers who sign up or upgrade their Virgin Mobile plans to 4GB & more. You can also add a SIM for your family & friends to enjoy this offer.
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